Mi Sheng,
Best support for the reputation of brand

Mi Sheng is a manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for bubble tea. It not only provides a variety of raw materials for tapioca tea, but also develops customized products in response to different market needs of different countries.

Committed to diversified integration services.From product development, coaching to opening stores, and even future sales plans.Cooperate with Mi Sheng, you will get the best supporting in marketing.We are ready to wait for you to open a store to dream.


【About Mi Sheng】

"Innovation, Service, Food Safety" is the main purpose of Mi Sheng enterprise co., LTD.

Mi Sheng was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan on October 2020. Since 1999.We have been co-investing with our Chinese business partner and have some factories in Guangdong for the bubble tea which originated from Taiwan over 20 years. Also, we keep improving the level of our customer service and the development ability of products to become a trust-worthy and inseparable business partner for overseas customers.


Keep the innovation of service value, Mi sheng follows the food safety management standards by FDA in US, invested and designed a modern high standard operation environment in order to perform high quality and sanitary. We aim to be the strong supporter of all brands around the world.

We are willing to do our best in Taoyuan, Taiwan to introduce pearl milk tea to the world.


【Key to Business Operations】

1.Monitoring, controlling and tracking records in the operating area. Our customers can scan the QR code to read the production report of our products.

2.According to the differences in diets around the world, we develop products that are tailored to local flavors.

3. Environmental operating plant with the highest food safety specifications. Create a moving line of people, logistics, water, air, and bacteria.


Core value

International Certification

At present, it has passed international certifications such as HALAL Halal Food Certification, FSSC22000, HACCP, etc., and is actively passing more certifications.

Diversified Export Service

Value chain for Research and development, marketing and operation of refined beverages. Provide comprehensive and high quality integration services.Actively expand the export of Taiwan's bubble tea to the world.

Food Safety Management

Follow the international food safety regulations, the whole factory strictly controls the process of food hygiene. And signed a contract with SGS to regularly submit the product for inspection. Provide good quality raw materials for bubble tea to customers.